Hellos and Goodbyes

I know we just met, but I’m going to get a little personal for a bit. Spinny boy (who is on the downhill slide to 30 so isn’t exactly a boy anymore) is moving. Far away. Very very far away. All the way from the middle of the Saskatchewan prairie to Montreal. Yes, that tiny 6 pound baby is packing his giant cat and sweet girlfriend onto a plane at the end of the month and moving thousands of kilometers from the only woman who knows how to tell him to live properly.
Yesterday Mr. Spinny and I helped them pack most of their stuff to go into the shipping container. Today we’re helping them load it into the shipping container. It’s getting so real so quickly that I’m freaking out a little bit inside. I haven’t started mommy crying yet, but it’s getting closer.

But….BUT!!!! I spent the last hour or so of the evening playing with a prototype of a fun new addition to my shop, and I just love it! My trusted idea bouncer-off-ers (I don’t know the word for that right now) loved the idea. The first prototype/draft needed a little tweaking, but it functioned great. I’m watching my printer spit out a bright green test run as I type, and I have a lovely good feeling about it. Want a sneak preview? Sure!


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