Empty nest, full nest, and feather brain

The boy moved far far away to the land of poutine and maple syrup. He’s been gone just a little over 3 weeks and I miss him so much. So now the girl is a thousand km from me one way, the boy is three thousand km the other way, and I miss them both so much. No amount of phone calls, text messages, Skype, and anything else can make up for a hug.

But I’m OK, because that’s what we do. We be OK.

To fill my control freak motherly instincts, Mr. Spinny and I discussed getting a critter. We don’t generally agree on most pet-related topics, except that our dearly departed Amie was the best dog ever, cockatiels and gerbils are evil, we do not want another cat (for entirely different reasons) and we do not want anything that will likely outlive either of us. That leaves a lot of room for disagreement. Several discussions later, enter our newest additions: baby quails! So. Darned. Cute. They’re fairly quiet, not stinky, cheap to feed and care for, don’t want a lot of space, and don’t need a ton of attention. And did I mention cute? Because they’re cute. Even now at a much larger size and almost adulthood, they are cute.

Then there’s the fibre shindig on the first weekend of May. Less than two weeks away, and I feel terrified. This is my first time as a vendor at a big-ish event and I’m so nervous. I know I’ll have adequate stock and such, but it feels like the date is careening toward me and I have no airbag. Obsessing about it is driving me to distraction. It’s not keeping me awake at night – yet – but I randomly feel like letting off a nice loud scream to release some pressure. And what if they hate my stuff? So far I really have no reason to worry because nobody has said they don’t like anything I’ve made, but worrying is one of my big talents. I just need to keep breathing and slow my thinking. Is that really supposed to be so hard?


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