Deep breaths…deep breaths…

Beneath this frazzled exterior lies a cool, calm interior. No wait, that’s backwards. Nope, on second thought, it’s right. I just happen to have the cool and calm interior bound and gagged while I panic a little.

Today is my last day of “relaxing” before a week of work, workshops, and the Saskatchewan Weavers and Spinners guild retreat, hosted and organized by my home guild, Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild. Translation: I’m positive that I’m forgetting something important.

I’ve been printing almost nonstop for two weeks. I have a few new items that will be added to the shop once the stress week is over. It’s all things I enjoy, but that many things in a week is way more than I ever let myself take on. Now it feels like every time I get something finished, I remember two more things that I have to do. I’m starting to feel strangled.

Anyway, about my exciting week–I’ll leave out the part about work on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday I am taking a Saori Workshop with Terry Bibby of Saori Saltspring! She’s coming all the way out here to give a workshop at the retreat and is giving another two-day workshop and I get to take it. WOOT!!! It’s going to be a challenge for me. Really, no rules?!? I don’t understand that concept at all.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll be participating as a vendor at the retreat. This year I’m not terribly attached to any of the workshops so I’m happy enough to be a vendor and just soak up the positive energy. I’m also a sponsor, which is super exciting for me as well.

By Monday I will definitely be ready for some work drudgery. For now, I’m off to measure a warp!


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